Choosing the right alcoholic drink for your mussel or oyster dish

oysters mussels

Choosing the right alcoholic beverage to go with your dish can be quite difficult if you are not much of a connoisseur.  Do you find yourself standing in the wine aisle, in the supermarket, staring blankly at the bottles? Then this simple guide is for you.  Whether you are holding a dinner party, cooking for your other half or you just fancy a nice meal and a great wine or beer to go with it, then just follow this guide.

Mussel Dishes

Dry White Wine with Moules Marinières

Moules marinières is usually made with a dry white wine such as Muscadet, so you might as well drink the same wine with them (source)

Rosé with Mussel Linguine in Tomato Sauce

Rosé is best with tomato-based or porky broths. These dishes won’t clash with a white wine, but they often work better with wines that have a little bit more body and some berry fruit (source)

Champagne with Thai Mussels

Winedin.com suggests either Champagne, White Bordeaux, Varricchio or American Gewürztraminer with spicy Thai mussels

Gin with Gin & Tonic Mussels

Claire Jessiman from Foodie Quine created this lovely dish for us and we think it is only right to appreciate a wonderful Scottish Gin as an accompanying drink with this gorgeous mussel dish

Oyster Dishes

Champagne with Raw Oysters

The bubbles in Champagne help accent the mineral qualities of oysters, making the whole combination taste fresh and reminiscent of the sea (source)

Oyster Stout with Creamy Crunchy Oysters

Fiona Beckett suggests an oyster stout (which doesn’t actually contain oysters) which is designed to not be bitter and is smooth and velvety, the perfect match for oysters.


If you have any suggestions for recipes or have a great drink and shellfish match, let us know by clicking here.