Our cultivated mussels and are amongst the most environmentally friendly food products around!

They are grown on ropes suspended from floats in the sea and feed naturally off plankton in the rich tidal flows that ensures the growth of succulent and sweet tasting mussels.

Scottish rope grown mussels are an excellent example of sustainable sourcing and have an extremely low carbon footprint.  The young mussels (as free floating larvae or spat) settle naturally on the suspended ropes, and then grow by feeding on sea plankton and do not require any external feed sources (or indeed veterinary treatments). Scottish rope-grown mussels do not grow on the seabed and are not dredged for harvesting, which means they are full-bodied and grit-free.

Our mussel farms are independently certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and Friend of Sea eco-label schemes for their sustainable and environmentally responsible manner of cultivation.