Scottish Shellfish have been awarded grant funding from the European Union to assist with the following projects:

Factory Fit Out (phase 1) Project Reference PM-NC-2-0067 (£133K; awarded June 2012)

This project was the first phase in upgrading our new facility at Pit Road, including new flooring and other building work, along with some equipment, such as a new boiler house, steam cookers and a de-byssing machine.

Factory Fit Out (phase 2) Project Reference PM-NC-2-0071 (£331K; awarded December 2012)

The second phase of the project focussed on the finishing works, including mechanical and electrical works, refrigeration, insulated panels and blast chilling equipment.

Expansion Project Reference PM-NC-2-0094 (£56K; awarded July 2014)

This project was for the purchase of equipment to improve the use of water on site, as well as to kit out the high care area within the factory.

Process & Environmental Efficiency Project Reference SCO1048 (£180K; awarded April 2017)

This project covered the replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED lighting, to reduce energy usage, and the purchase of an additional thermoforming line, capable of producing more packs per hour, with reduced energy usage.

Mussel Waste Reclaiming Project Reference SCO1764 (£56K; awarded December 2017)

This project was for the purchase of equipment to separate meats and shells from mussels rejected from the main production lines. These meats and shells, rather than be sent to landfill, are passed on to further processors for use in a number of different processes.