Our rope-grown mussels are seriously good for you!


Shellfish such as mussels and oysters are seriously good for you and are some of the most nutritious foods around. Low in calories and fat, they are excellent source of protein, vitamins and Omega-3 oils that help reduce the risk of heart disease and protect against certain forms of cancer.

Shellfish also contain life-enhancing minerals like magnesium, copper, iodine, iron, selenium – and not to forget zinc, which is critical to human libido and male fertility. The level of iron in mussels is similar to that of red meat.

Mussels and oysters grown in colder waters, such as those around Scotland, provide a plentiful source of long chain Omega-3s that are great for heart health. Wow!

Mussels and oysters are also valuable sources of the fat soluble vitamins A and D and also provide significant amounts of the B vitamins, especially vitamin B12.

And there’s more! A diet rich in shellfish such as mussels and oysters could hold the key to preventing blindness among thousands of elderly, according to recent research.

Scientists in America studying the diets of adults aged over 65 found those who regularly ate shellfish or oily fish such as mackerel were far less likely to develop macular degeneration, which is caused by the loss of cells in the retina.

So, go on – get healthy and make sure tasty sweet-tasting Scottish mussels are on your shopping list!