Try the ‘food of love’ this Valentine’s Day!

Mussels make the perfect Valentine’s Day treat – quick and easy to cook, and looking absolutely sensational when served on a plate!

Indeed, mussels really are the ‘food of love’. They contain life-enhancing minerals like magnesium, copper, iodine, iron and selenium – as well as zinc, which is critical to human libido and fertility. They are also a good source of healthy Omega-3 oils that are good for your heart.

No wonder that mussels are now widely regarded as the ultimate ‘sexy’ dish, and sharing a bowl of these delicious shellfish helps couples to relax and feel comfortable in each other’s company.

And then, of course, there are oysters. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without these wonderful gems from the sea. It is said Casanova allegedly ate 50 oysters for breakfast every morning to boost his libido. Studies have also shown that raw oysters are full of certain amino acids that can trigger increased levels of sex hormones.

So, it would seem that mussels and oysters really are the perfect romantic treat! Take a look at our recipe page for some ideas on how to prepare. Enjoy!