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Oyster farming in Scotland starts when seed produced in a hatchery is transferred to the sea. It is placed in mesh bags that are laid on low trestles on the shore at the low tide mark.

As the oysters grow they are regularly graded and thinned out to give them optimum growing conditions. In the cold northern waters, the Pacific oyster takes three to three and a half years to reach harvest size while the native oyster takes at least four years.

When ready for market, oysters are despatched to SSMG's headquarters where they are kept in purified water holding tanks. After the final quality control checks they are ready for delivery via chilled transport to the customer.

Oysters are sold whole and live in-shell. Did you know that once farmed our oysters are kept in holding tanks, which also act as a purification facility to meet the stringent demands of supermarkets?

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